Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harvey Milk Lives

No better time than right now to enjoy Paul VanDeCarr's moving and informative personal essay, Harvey Milk Lives about the production of Gus Van Sant's MILK.

Celebrate Harvey's Birthday: May 22nd

This coming May 22nd would have been Harvey Milk's 78th birthday. Mayor Gavin Newsom and scads of SF luminaries will celebrate the occasion by unveiling the long-awaited Milk Memorial statue at City Hall that evening. Find more info on the website and if you can't make it to the ceremony please go ahead and make a donation to the Milk Memorial Project (they're still raising money).

MILK Production Still Released

Entertainment Weekly released the first production still from MILK this week. Does he look like Harvey Milk? Well, not exactly. But there are other candid shots that leaked out online during shooting that seem more convincing (tho' one witty queen on commented that in the shots of him after he grows his beard out he looks more and more like Pete Townsend).